Have you ever struggled with what you do for a living because you wished you were doing something you were more passionate about?

At one point or another this has been a common struggle for the majority of people, myself included. So why am I talking about this when it has nothing to do with real estate?

Well, the truth is I want to share a personal story about my past challenges with being passionate versus being practical, and how I developed a strong purpose with what I do for a living.

As a child in Colombia, I used to dream of being a Pilot. I was mesmerized by the giant, cool-looking, metal structures with propellers and jet engines, taking off into the sky, Traveling long distances to exotic places and back. Every time I had a chance to gol to the airport I would do it. The most exciting times came when I got to be a traveler, most of those flights were short between Bogota, Medellin, Cali or Cucuta, but they were the biggest thrill I had ever experienced. At this stage of my life, there was nothing I wanted more than chase the passion of being a pilot.

           Right before my 12th birthday, my parents took a leap of faith and moved back to the U.S.. Before I was born, my parents lived in Lexington Kentucky where my dad went to school and my older sister was born. Based on Colombia’s situation at the time, they felt the U.S. provided a better opportunity for us as a family. The move made a huge impact on all of our lives. We went from a pretty comfortable life in Colombia to literally starting all over. I went from playing soccer with my friends on the weekend to selling the Houston Chronicle in front of Randall’s without speaking a lick of English. Working from a very young age to help my family became a big theme throughout my youth, and it taught me great deal about my natural skill set. I learned that I was personable, fearless with most things, and had what it took to overcome adversity. I had great role models around me like my parents, brothers, sister, and great friends who exhibited qualities of hard work and determination.

My dream of being a pilot remained in the back of my mind, but the conflict of being practical with my skill set versus being “passionate” about my job became something I struggled with at that time. After graduating from the University of Texas, I looked at pilot schools and costs, but I felt as though the most practical, smart thing to do was to use my skill set and natural talent to provide for my future family. There’s no question that events in our lives shape who we are. I did not grow up dreaming of being a realtor, I’m not sure many people do. In fact I struggled with the idea during my first few years as a licensed agent. What I discovered through my commitment to the businesses were the rewards of serving others, overcoming adversity, connecting with clients, and building meaningful relationships. This is the purpose that was born from my decision of being practical with my skill set and making a conscious decision to be the best I could be.

The wonderful thing is that my career in real estate has given me the opportunity to not only serve others, but it has also given me the ability to create the time to get my recreational pilot’s license. I will be starting classes in the spring of 2019. My tuition bill will be coming around soon, and I want to ask your help with chasing my passion by referring me to anybody who needs to buy or sell a home in Austin so I can come up with the money. Sorry, I had to do that for a little comic relief… 🙂

On a serious note, I want to ask your thoughts on your own personal journey, have you had defining moments in your life that changed the course of what your were passionate about versus taking a different path? I would love to hear what lessons you’ve learned or if you’re currently redefining your own personal purpose. Make it a great day always, and I look forward to hearing from you!