You listened to me

First, Tomas deserves maximum credit for showing me a way that I could sell one property and still have income.  Without that there would not have been a listing.  After he explained everything thoroughly and went over my concerns, he kinda dropped out of the picture.  However he does get ten stars for hiring you, Katie.  You did an excellent job in getting all my questions answered (even the stupid ones) and helping me in every situation and not once did it seem like I was a burden or inconvenience.  THEN, you were able to make my tenant happy which was of utmost importance to me.  He had been an excellent tenant and if it didn’t sell, I didn’t want to lose him.  The topping on the cake was the incredible Bass Pro gift I was given.  You listened to me and that means so much.  No doubt Tomas you did a very good job and you have the ability to hire staff that makes you shine.  Thanks for your note.